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Firmenich consistently delivers forward-thinking solutions that meet consumer needs because our innovation community – comprising a cross-functional blend of scientists, perfumers, flavorists and application specialists – rely on proprietary knowledge and ingredients developed by our own teams.

Each year, Firmenich invests 10% of revenues in Research and Innovation


Firmenich scientists design new and safe ingredients using their knowledge of biological processes, coupled with a selection of new leading technologies in biochemistry, receptor and cellular biology, microbiology, plant and animal biology, human physiology and cognitive neuroscience.

This blend of science optimizes our production of ingredients, and ensures our products have the ultimate sensory properties and emotional impact with consumers. Life Sciences are at the heart of Firmenich’s commitment to deliver sustainable and differentiated products.
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Our team members’ chemistry and physics expertise provides a formidable foundation for the development of flavor & fragrance ingredients and technologies. The synthesis and delivery of differentiating flavors and perfumes is enabled by Firmenich’s state-of-the-art methodologies in green chemistry, catalysis, colloid chemistry and polymer physics.

At the heart of what we do, analytical thinking and scientific expertise are fully integrated into the value chain of our business. Fundamental science is applied from the conception of ingredients to the delivery of benefits to our customers and consumers.
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Firmenich consistently innovates and delivers on breakthrough ideas. This spirit is evidenced by the many honors the Flavor & Fragrance industry and the wider business community have bestowed to the company and its people.

Since 1939 when the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Leopold Ružička, Firmenich's director of research and development, many other Firmenich employees have been recognized for their work.

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Nobel Prize 1939
Ernest Günther Prize 1951
Ernest Günther Prize 1953
Ernest Günther Prize 1955
Ruzicka Prize 1955
Ernest Günther Prize 1958
Ruzicka Prize 1958
Ernest Günther Prize 1961
Ernest Günther Prize 1966
Ruzicka Prize 1967
Marcel Benoist Prize 1973
ACS Award for Creative Work 1973
Gold Medal of CNRS, CNRS, France 1974
Welch Prize 1974
Ruzicka Prize 1977
Ruzicka Prize 1980
Hackforth-Jones Award 1980
Otto Wallach Award 1981
Arthur C. Cope Award 1984
Chemistry Prize of the Wolf Foundation, Israel 1986
Wright Prize 1988
Killian Award 1990
Ruzicka Prize 1990
Mitglied des Deutschen Ordens "Pour le Mérite für Wissenschaft und Künste" 1992
ACS Award for Computers in Chemistry 1993
James Flack Norris Award 1994
Arthur C. Cope Award 1995
Nagoya Medal of Chemistry 1996
Mittasch Medaille German (DECHEMA) 1998
National Medal of Science (USA) 1999
Engler Medaille German 1999
Roger Adams Award 1999

Firmenich builds

Passion is our essence. The high level of science we practice at Firmenich, our open learning atmosphere, and our internal and external commitment to knowledge exchange attracts some of the most talented specialists and keeps them motivated throughout their careers.

Firmenich Research Centers are located in Geneva (Switzerland), Princeton, NJ (USA), Shanghai (China) and Gujarat (India). Comprising more than 300 R&D employees, the four centers work closely together with the creation, application and business development teams of the Flavor & Fragrance divisions.

With a resolute focus on research and innovation, we are constantly looking for new talent. Apply for a career at Firmenich.
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Reflecting our position as an industry leader in innovation, Firmenich has more than 2,900 patents worldwide.

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Firmenich scientists have published an impressive collection of articles in specialist magazines, widely respected by the industry.

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