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Ethics and Excellence Materiality Analysis

Firmenich has worked in partnership with Forum for the Future to conduct a materiality assessment for our business.

This exercise helped us identify the sustainability issues most material to Firmenich and our stakeholders, and serves to help inform our sustainability strategy in the future. Firmenich conducted in-depth interviews with company personnel, global business partners, customers and external experts in critical areas such as chemistry, nutrition, global health and regulatory affairs. Forum for the Future analyzed the interviews and conducted additional research to identify relevant material factors. These factors are presented in the matrix below and also available in our 2014 sustainability report and 2015 sustainability report.

In FY16, we updated our materiality matrix and reassessed all material aspects. As part of the process, we surveyed 50 internal and external stakeholders including company personnel, global business partners, clients, non-profit organizations and outside experts. We followed up with one-on-one interviews and presented the results to our Sustainability Council in May 2016, to get feedback on our findings.

The material issues identified influenced our 2020 strategy and will inform how we integrate sustainability into our business strategy and shape our reporting. We will evaluate materiality biannually to anticipate changing trends and identify new opportunities and risks.

The matrix shows the issues identified as being of utmost importance to our internal and external stakeholders. All issues are covered in our 2016 sustainability report.

Materiality matrix

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