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Diet Transformation

Together with our customers, we are committed to leading the creation of sustainable value

As creators of emotions through the senses of taste and smell, touching over four billion people every day, we are striving to provide sustainable solutions, for our customers and all our stakeholders. We are acting to create sustainable value for the benefit of Nature, People and Climate.


Nature is our inspiration and our driving force. Embracing nature means championing biodiversity all along our supply chain.


We are embracing Nature through our Transformation into Natural

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People are at the heart of everything we do. We care for people from the farming communities in our supply chain, through our scientists and creators, to our customers and their consumers.


We are caring about People through Better Nutrition

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Global action is needed to address climate change. We are acting to minimize our impact on climate and aim to lead our industry towards a carbon neutral future. 


We are acting on Climate through the Plant-Based Revolution

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Transform Into Natural


Our Commitment: Leveraging innovation, we will continue to transform our palette to exceed 80% of nature-based ingredients in our total sales by 2030* 

*Percentage of natural ingredients in value in our meta formula

Natural Transformation Innovation in Action


We’re committed to deriving the best from nature for the most positive impact. We do this through sustainable procurement standards, collections of certified ingredients with strong involvement at source and constant innovation.

Flavor Creation Palette

We continue evolving our Flavor Creation Palette with a robust portfolio of natural & clean label ingredients. Proprietary soft extraction technologies capture the best of nature sustainably to reduce off-notes, minimize waste, and increase upcycling opportunities.


  • INGREDIENT 360TM is our industry-leading database for information on ingredients and bases, enabling us to share data & stories on our extraordinary palette with customers
  • FreshSlice® proprietary soft, no-solvent extraction technology protects the fresh juicy flavor of the fruit volatiles and is soluble in water

Label Transparency & Origin Traceability

Our Naturals TogetherTM strategy combines the highest procurement standards, responsible sourcing & innovation. Three premium collections focus on traceability, origin & transparency.


  • Involvement at source supports People & Nature with partners
  • Certified Origins is our responsibly-sourced ingredients collection with origin guarantees
  • Path2FarmTM is our proprietary digital traceability solution tracking the full value chain from registered farmers to the final product

Sustainability Footprint

Using integrated science-based impact tools, we measure and monitor the social and environmental impact of our ingredients & formulae.


  • EcoFood Compass® overviews our solutions’ impact on Nature, Climate & People

Better Nutrition


Our Commitment: We will reduce up to 2.8 trillion calories from sugar in people’s diets annually by 2030 (240% leap vs. 2020)

Better Nutrition Innovation in Action


Through state-of-the-art innovation and creation expertise, we are helping consumers enjoy healthier food with great taste and supporting their inner wellbeing through better diet.

Sugar Reduction

Our industry leading receptor-based research enables us to discover, develop and bring to market ground-breaking molecules enabling sugar reduction & sweet taste optimization.


Our comprehensive sugar reduction toolkit offers:


  • Up to 30% sugar reduction with TasteGEM® high performance flavors
  • Up to 100% sugar removal, including naturally, with TastePRINT®
  • Taste and texture optimization with MODULASENSE®

Salt Reduction

Combining our passion for culinary with a deep understanding of the science of taste modulation, we have developed a range of natural flavors that can create great tasting food without the reliance on high salt levels.


TasteElements® approach to Salt Reduction encompasses:


  • TasteCompass® proprietary predictive modeling for accelerated & optimal formulation design
  • Salt & Umami Toolkit providing the broadest range of flavor ingredients for sodium reduction and clean label umami

Enhanced Nutrition

Our integrated solutions ensure that key nutrients are delivered to consumers at precise levels through their preferred food & beverages, together with great taste for a delightful experience.


  • NutriGEM®Innovative Nutrition by Firmenich – ready-to-use integrated solutions feature Fibers, Vitamin & Minerals and Extracts to balance microbiome, support immunity, and sustain inner wellbeing

Plant-Based Revolution


Our Commitment: Our SmartProteins® by 2030 will help save 285 billion liters of water/ year (230% reduction vs. 2020 and help reduce 4.5 million tons of CO2 emissions/ year (230% reduction vs. 2020)

Plant-Based Innovation in Action


Our SmartProteins® innovation program is constantly evolving to enable our clients to create vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternatives to traditional meat, dairy, and seafood products, so meeting the future protein needs in an affordable, healthy, and sustainable way.

Meat Analogs

SmartProteins® Meat Analogs plant-based proteins solutions delight consumers across the entire eating experience including appearance, cooking aroma, texture and of course great taste!


Our SmartProteins® Meat Analogs portfolio includes:


  • Dynarome® SR (Sustained Release) delivers succulence by capturing meat-like taste and aroma, providing juiciness that lingers
  • Dynarome® TR (Temperature Release) ensures a mouthwatering time-released cooking aroma

Dairy Analogs

SmartProteins® Dairy Analogs create an authentic dairy-like eating experience by masking protein off-notes, improving taste & aroma, and restoring creaminess, while also enabling the reduction of sugar and fat.


Our SmartProteins® Dairy Analogs portfolio includes:


  • Smart TX integrated solutions combining industry-leading Smart Maskers with fibers from natural sources to restore a dairy-like smooth & creamy mouthfeel
  • Best-in-Class Milk flavors tailor-made for plant-based applications for the closest to authentic dairy taste, developed using informed creation guided by sensory & consumer insights

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ESG Report 2022


Read the report to find out how we are advancing our industry-leading environmental and social performance while continuing to improve our results and influence our industry as a privately-held company.


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