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People and Communities Touching Hearts and Minds

While our sustainability work has become more and more integrated into our mainstream business, we maintain our heritage of global philanthropic work and our support for local communities in which we operate.

Firmenich Community Day

September 2016 marked the 12th anniversary of our Community Day event. This year, 2,648 employees volunteered in 107 projects across 48 sites worldwide.

Projects included:

• Supplying about 200 bags to Partage, the Geneva food bank that collects food and hygiene products for 53 charities within the Canton of Geneva. The bags consisted of a remarkable 780 kilograms of food and hygiene products that truly made a difference to the local community.
• Engaging 43 colleagues from our North American team to restore the wetlands in Newark Bay in New Jersey. Participants planted native shrubs and trees, created tidal trails, and built bird sanctuaries.
• Raising funds to purchase hundreds of LED lamps and nonperishable foods for two Brazilian institutions that assist disabled children in the community.
• Hosting an exhibition of artisanal products made by underprivileged women in India to raise funds for the NGO Women’s India Trust, a charitable organization that empowers disadvantaged women through education, training, and employment.
• Creating an entertaining sensory experience – a perfumery workshop – where disadvantaged primary school children in Shanghai learned through the senses of smell and taste.

The Firmenich Foundation

The Firmenich Foundation is a not-for-profit entity which champions causes worldwide. Primary areas of emphasis for the Foundation include: support for cancer research, relieving hunger and providing nutrition, promoting hygiene, sustainable agriculture, and supporting the communities in which Firmenich operates. The Firmenich Foundation has contributed to more than 150 organizations. Each year we highlight in our annual report an example of the work that the Foundation has carried out. This year we provide an update on our activities at the school we built in a remote Haitian village.

Each year, Firmenich continued to support the school we built in FY13 in the vetiver farming community of Débouchette, Haiti. In partnership with Essilor, we conducted vision tests to ensure all schoolchildren who needed corrective glasses were equipped and would not have difficulty in class. Five optometrists from Essilor Canada visited the school with a Firmenich team, tested 600 students and community members, and returned with glasses for those in need.

In addition, Firmenich provided 10 computers to the school in Haiti in, enabling children in this rural community to connect with the modern world. We also sent musical instruments to encourage children to express their creativity and interests in music and culture.

In 2015, in partnership with Essilor, we conducted vision tests and delivered glasses in our Débouchette school and cooperative in Haiti.

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