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Innovators in nutrition, health and beauty. Read more about our new company at or continue here to read more on the incredible solutions and services that we offer.

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Our Technologies

As a food and beverage manufacturer, it is up to your product developers to create winning products to answer ever-evolving consumer needs. However, there are often gaps between consumer expectations and product development possibilities.


At Firmenich, thanks to our long-standing commitment to innovation across taste & texture, aroma ingredients & extracts and delivery systems, we have developed extensive expertise and the right technologies to ensure the highest desirable sensory performance of your products.

Sugar Reduction Technology



The Right Combination of Flavor and Functionality


Firmenich integrated solutions bring unparalleled consumer preference by combining our traditional flavors with proprietary functional solutions to deliver superior taste experiences in your product.





Taste Modulation

Our high-performance technologies help impart authentic flavor and optimize the taste profile of healthier products without compromising consumer preference. Our portfolio includes sugar, salt & fat removal solutions, mouthfeel enhancers, stevia maskers, acid maskers, and bitter blocking.


Functional Ingredients

Whether incorporating plant proteins in meat analogs or fiber for enhanced nutrition and wellness, our integrated solutions enable you to delight consumers with superior taste while delivering functional benefits



Great flavor sometimes means removing what the consumer doesn’t want to taste. Integrated solutions are ideal for minimizing off-notes and unpleasant after tastes through precise masking capabilities.



We can re-create the best mouthfeel, bite and chew to mimic any experience to craft your product to your consumers’ expectation.


Human Insights Consumer Shopping


Add a Nutritional Benefit for Your Consumer

With digestive health and immune system support remaining huge consumer health concerns, the role of prebiotics in and immune-boosting botanicals in food and drinks can provide the added benefit to set your product apart and appeal to today’s nutrition conscious consumer.


Create Healthier Products

The ever-increasing demand for healthier food that tastes great requires more than just flavor expertise. Whether reducing up to 100% of sugar, enhancing umami without increasing sodium, adding a functional benefit, or putting plant-based proteins at the center of the plate we have developed end-to-end expertise to enable you to create your next healthier product:


How can our technologies make a difference in your product?

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