Nutrition & Wellbeing


Consumer awareness of the importance of a good diet on their overall health is on the rise. Now more than ever, adding a functional benefit for increased nutrition provide the edge your product needs to appeal to increasingly health-conscious consumers.


Inspired by nature, Firmenich looked to countries like China, India, and Brazil, where there is deep historical use of botanicals & natural extracts in daily foods and beverages. With modern scientific tools, we've established functional relationships between these natural molecules and their benefits to human health, like elevated immunity and healthier microbiomes. Using our leading naturals portfolio and innovation expertise, we are combining many of these traditional ingredients with natural taste improvements to create winning immunity-boosting innovations.

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Human Insights

Reaching the Nutrition-Conscious Consumer


With digestive wellness and immune system support remaining key consumer health concerns, the role of prebiotics and immune-boosting botanicals in food and drinks can provide the added benefit to set your product apart and appeal to today’s nutrition-conscious consumer.


Human Insights

Trending Insights


of consumers are counting or cutting back on calories.



of consumers are paying attention to nutritional information.



of consumers want to live a healthier lifestyle and consume more nutritious food.


Source: Firmenich COVID-19 consumer behavior survey COVERING 6,000 consumers in 22 markets. April 2020.

Nutrition Made Simple

Accelerate the development of your next nutritious food or beverage with our ready-to-use solutions optimized for your needs:

Natural Extracts

Functional Botanical Solutions to Boost Immunity

Backed by a comprehensive Human Insights Emotions 360 study to understand consumer ingredient awareness and associated emotional and functional benefits, our Botanical Extract solutions give your product a consumer-recognized boost without compromising great taste. Starting with the best natural ingredient from the source, we combine expertise in off-notes masking and texture capabilities with a focus on uncompromised sensory performance. This way, we can provide ready-to-use integrated solutions to support the formulation of foods and beverages sustaining immunity and well-being.


Prebiotic Fibers for Digestive Health

By selectively nurturing existing beneficial microorganisms already in the gut, Firmenich prebiotic fibers enable your product to exert a positive influence on the immune system to promote digestive wellness. Our integrated solutions deliver a delightful consumer experience while holistically solving for the typical challenges encountered when formulating with fibers such as stabilization, mouthfeel, and more.



Our Integrated Solutions Approach


Firmenich integrated solutions bring unparalleled consumer preference by combining traditional Firmenich flavors with proprietary functional solutions to deliver fantastic taste experiences in your product.



    Our high-performance technologies help impart authentic flavor and optimize the taste profile of healthier products without compromising consumer preference. The portfolio includes sugar, salt & fat reduction and removal solutions, mouthfeel enhancers, stevia maskers, acid maskers, and bitter blocking.

    Whether incorporating plant proteins in meat analogs or fiber for enhanced nutrition and wellness, our integrated solutions enable you to delight consumers with superior taste while delivering functional benefits.

    Great flavor sometimes comes from removing what the consumer doesn’t want to taste. Integrated solutions are ideal for minimizing off-notes and unpleasant after tastes through precise flavor masking.

    We can re-create the right mouthfeel, bite and chew to mimic any experience to craft your product to your consumers’ expectation.

    Create Healthier Products

    Improving the nutrition doesn't always require adding a functional benefit.What you remove can be just as impactful. Whether reducing up to 100% of sugar, enhancing umami without increasing sodium, or putting plant-based proteins at the center of the plate, our end-to-end expertise will enable you to create your next great tasting, better for you product:

    Which functional benefit would make your product more appealing?

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