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Consumer desire for less plastic and packaging, whilst beneficial for the environment, adds another degree of challenge for the stability of flavors that product developers must overcome.


Flavors are typically volatile and consist of delicate molecules. A flavor's journey from its source to its consumption is long and arduous as it may face fluctuations in temperature, humidity, light, exposure to oxygen, and more. The difficulty of delivering the authentic, natural and sustainable flavors consumers desire is only compounded by the time between initial manufacturing and consumption which can span weeks, months or even years. The right flavor delivery technology to overcome these challenges is just as important as the flavor choice itself for driving consumer preference and product stability.


Encapsulation for Precise Flavor Delivery

Firmenich Encapsulation technology is the gold standard in the industry, leading the market for decades and serving as the industry benchmark for balancing flavor protection and release to ensure maximum impact.


In addition to addressing your needs concerning appearance, cost, labelling and transparency, our approach to flavor delivery and flavor release focuses on three key benefits:


Understanding processing conditions means that we know how to apply the right level of protection to ensure that the flavor is not lost before reaching the consumer.

Better Handling

Ease of use in the factory and homogenous mixing ensures that no flavor is lost. By limiting opportunity for interactions with other components in the food base, we minimize the risks of the flavor profile being altered.

Controlled Release

Protecting the flavor through the process is the first step. It is also critical to control the moment of delivery. Firmenich’s systems guarantee that the flavors are released at just the right moment to please the consumer.


The Solution for When Spray-Dried Flavors Under Perform

Spray-dried flavors are widely used due to their cost-effective nature and are suitable for many applications. However, some of their benefits come with distinct limitations. The small particle size may cause dusting which would require manufacturing optimizations that risk offsetting any savings. Additionally, their large surface area to volume ratio delivers increased odor, but with only limited shelf-life, which restricts usage to certain applications. Finally, high temperatures required during manufacturing to evaporate water not only results in a change in the flavor profile but also requires high energy usage, negatively impacting the sustainability of production.


When these limitations limit the use of spray-dried flavors, it’s time to consider Firmenich Encapsolutions®, which offer four superior flavor delivery technologies to fit your specific technical and application needs.

Firmenich Encapsolutions®

When spray-dried flavors under perform in your application Firmenich's Encapsolutions® portfolio is here to ensure your product consistently delivers the great taste your consumers expect. By identifying your ingredient, consumption format, protection requirements and constraints we can provide the exact solution you need for superior flavor performance:

    Long Lasting Taste Freshness

    through the highest protection of flavors from oxidation and interaction


    • Medium particle size
    • Quick dissolution in cold/hot water
    • 2+ years shelf-life
    • Free-flowing and dust-free particles
    • Low aroma/low contaminations 
    • Low interaction of flavor with application base and/or actives
    • Great aromatic impact 


    Recommended Applications:
    Powder soft drinks, Confectionery, Pharmaceuticals


    Full Taste Impact

    through process-resistant and multi-sensory flavors


    • Medium-to-large particle size
    • Range of shapes and colors available
    • Slow dissolution in hot water (2-3 min)
    • Higher heat and moisture resistance
    • Up to 2 years shelf-life
    • Great aromatic impact


    Recommended Applications:
    Hot drinks, Bakery & Cereals, Cooked and Baked Products, Confectionery

    Hot Tea with Lemon and Ginger

    Retains Superior Taste

    under extreme conditions of manufacturing processes


    • Small particle size
    • Highest heat resistance (up to 250°C)
    • Unique flavor release in mouth conditions
    • Longer lasting
    • Vegetarian
    • Good aromatic impact


    Recommended Applications:
    Battered, Coated, Fried and Extruded Products

    Fried Fish

    Best Taste vs. Price Equation

    through high-performing and economical flavors


    • Small particle size (50-100 µm)
    • Quick dissolution in cold/hot water
    • Intensely aromatic
    • Wide palette of proven-to-perform flavors
    • From 12-24 months shelf-life


    Recommended Applications:
    Instant Dry Food and drinks, Confectionery

    Powder Drink

    Which Encapsolutions® technology would you like to learn more about for your application?


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