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The Flexitarian movement is on the rise among consumers across the world. Driven by the belief that eating less meat and animal products is beneficial to individual health and environmental well-being, Flexitarians are keen on making a lifestyle change aimed at replacing meat with more plant-based protein alternatives. They are increasingly seeking healthy and memorable eating experiences beyond current flavor boundaries where animal derivatives are no longer ‘center of plate.’



The Firmenich SmartProteins® portfolio of integrated flavor solutions is designed to perform in a range of protein bases while addressing the declaration challenges of cleaner and more transparent labeling. We enable you to create vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternatives to traditional meat and dairy based products in Savory, Sweet and Beverages without compromise.

Meat & Dairy Analogs



The Right Combination of Flavor and Functionality


Firmenich integrated solutions bring unparalleled consumer preference by combining traditional Firmenich flavors with proprietary functional solutions to deliver fantastic taste experiences in your plant-based protein products.



Our Technologies



Taste Modulation

Our high-performance technologies help impart authentic flavor and optimize the taste profile of healthier products. The portfolio includes sugar, salt & fat reduction and removal solutions, mouthfeel enhancers, stevia maskers, acid maskers, and bitter taste blocking.


Functional Ingredients

Whether incorporating plant proteins in meat and dairy analogs or fiber for enhanced nutrition and wellness, our integrated solutions enable you to delight consumers with superior taste while delivering functional benefits



Great flavor sometimes comes from removing what the consumer doesn’t want to taste. Integrated solutions are ideal for minimizing off-notes and unpleasant after tastes through precise flavor masking.



We can re-create the right mouthfeel, bite and chew to mimic any experience to craft your product to your consumers’ expectation.



Introducing Dynarome® SR

Created to deliver a sustained release of juiciness and succulence throughout the eating experience


Although the focus is often on the plant protein source, it’s the fat that can make all difference, transforming a plant based burger from a poor substitute of the ‘real thing’ into a great eating experience in its own right. Through Dynarome® SR, Firmenich has taken this to the next level, recreating the effects of animal fats and combining them with aroma and taste to give a sustained release of juiciness and succulence throughout the eating experience.


  • Animal Fat Mimicking: Using proprietary combinations of plant fats to recreate the melting and mouth coating effect of animal fats, providing an authentic meat like eating experience but in a plant protein analog

  • Flavor Protection: The culinary paste format allows it to maintain the balance and integrity of the right ratio of water and oil soluble ingredients to deliver the desired Aroma and Taste. This helps to significantly reduce the amount of flavor that is lost through irreversible binding to the plant protein base.

  • Flavor Release: As the fat melts during the cooking process, it transforms into a flavor delivery system, resulting in a sustained release of aroma and taste components that are maintained throughout the eating experience generating a much-desired meaty lingering effect.

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Juicy and succulent plant-based burger



The Flexitarian Challenge


Consumers have spoken: they are keen to embrace a diet with less meat, yet they are faced, daily with inescapable tensions that are preventing them.

Firmenich & Campus have brought together a multidisciplinary team led by our Chef Designers to create the future in plant protein dishes that address these tensions, to expand and create new markets for you.


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Unlock the Limitless Possibilities

Chef Collaboration

Culinary Anthropology

The Culinary Anthropology approach allows you to directly collaborate with forward-thinking chefs to accelerate innovation through creative ideation and rapid-prototyping. 


Culinary Anthropology Culinary Anthropology
Culinary Anthropology

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