Unforgettable Eating Experiences

Our passion for the art of food is grounded by our scientific expertise, and enhanced by culinary mastery. Let us provide you the solutions you need to create meals that capture the consumers' hearts.


Nuanced needs are emerging–consumers are looking for options that have more natural and authentic ingredients, more interesting and sophisticated flavor combinations, that contain low to no salt, as well as products that provide additional health and wellness benefits without sacrificing taste. To succeed in today's savory market you need a partner with a holistic understanding of how to create winning products that meet these needs.


Soups & Noodles

Expertise from Experience

With the rise of new sources of protein and healthier ingredients, experience becomes more important than ever to ensure the unique qualities and performance that drives consumer preference are present in your new products. We can help you with our extensive knowledge across:

Soups & Noodles

Soups & Noodles

Prepared Meals

Prepared Meals

Animal Proteins

Animal Proteins

Fats & Oils

Fats & Oils



Savory Soup


Tonality Excellence

Flavors to Suit Any Meal & Moment


Whether the aroma of chicken wafting through the kitchen or that juicy first bite of a charcoal-grilled burger, we craft eating moments that consumers crave.


Our understanding and respect for local cooking traditions allow our chefs and flavorists to create tastes that are not only ground in deep scientific understanding, but also capture the critical points during cooking process that drive positive emotions and brand loyalty.


Flavoring Solutions



Deep understanding of regional & locally preferred dishes translated into in new or existing market products.


State of the art rapid-prototyping by our dedicated Chef Designers that ensures your product development needs will be met.


Flavors grounded in culinary art and cutting-edge technology and crafted with a deep understanding of consumer needs to trigger specific emotions.

Human Insights

Satisfying Your Consumer

Our proprietary Savory consumer and market insights and global sensory capabilities enable you to better understand your consumer so that you can develop and deliver a product that satisfies their needs and desires.


  • The Flexitarian Challenge: Discover the tensions consumers face when exploring alternative protein options and how you can solve these unmet needs.

  • Create an Emotional Brand: Don't stop at great taste–establish an emotional connection with your product using Firmenich Emotions 360, a 14-market survey which connects different food ingredients with the emotions and functionality they evoke in consumers.

  • Stay informed: Leverage Insights from our Covid-19 Consumer Behavior Study–a comprehensive global look at how consumers are reacting to the crisis. 

Human Insights Human Insights
Human Insights Family

Alternative Protein

Smart Solutions for the Future of Protein

We are constantly working with global experts, chefs and our customers to advance innovative green protein solutions that are nutritious, tasty and sustainable. We are promoting alternative proteins and putting them center of plate, catalyzing a shift toward more sustainable protein production and consumption to enhance wellbeing for all. Our solutions offer limitless possibilities in creating vegetarian and vegan alternatives to traditional meat and dairy based products in savory, sweet and beverages. We focus on the total eating experience to address all product development needs holistically, which we feel is the “smart” way.

Smartproteins Smartproteins


Deliver Flavor Impact for Your Desired Experience

Whether you aim to deliver tastes that enhance the perception of freshness in prepared foods or require tailored ingredient delivery solutions, Firmenich has the technology and expertise to create the perfect flavor profile, release, protection, and texture for the optimal experience for your consumers.

Our Technologies

Chef Collaboration

Culinary Anthropology

The Culinary Anthropology approach allows you to directly collaborate with forward-thinking chefs to accelerate innovation through creative ideation and rapid-prototyping. 


Culinary Anthropology Culinary Anthropology
Culinary Anthropology

Your Partner for Success

Each new Savory product comes with its own unique market goals, objectives and requirements. Choosing the right partner is the difference in achieving a successful product launch.

Flavor & Product Creation

Our Flavorists & Chef Designers shape the future of taste and nutrition through creative combinations of flavors that surprise and delight consumers-bringing your product the emotional impact you seek.

Application & Culinary Expertise

Our global and regional network of chefs and application specialists have the tools and know-how to formulate to your specifications and individual requirements.

Global Regulatory Understanding

Through our dedicated collaboration with global regulatory bodies we have the expertise and resources to make your product meet your labeling goals with the authenticity your consumer expects.

Developing a new Savory product? Let us help.

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