Sweet Goods

The Taste of Comfort & Delight

Sweet Goods products are intrinsically linked to pleasure, fun and comfort. Together, we can deliver positive emotions and increased nutrition via extraordinary tasting food, with or without the calories.


Even within permissable indulgences, new needs are emerging.Consumers are looking for sweet goods products that have more natural and authentic ingredients, more interesting and sophisticated flavor combinations and options that contain low to sugar. They are also looking for more nutritional and plant-based choices that don't sacrifice taste. To succeed in today's sweet goods market you need a partner with a holistic understanding of how to create products that meet these needs.


Alternative Dairy

Expertise from Experience

With the blurring of categories, experience becomes more important than ever to ensure the unique qualities and performance that drives consumer preference are present in your new products. We can help you through our extensive knowledge across:



Yogurt, dairy drinks, ready-to-eat desserts, milk modifiers and creamers

Dietary & Nutrition

Dietary & Nutrition

Protein shakes and drinks, energy and protein bars, meal replacement, baby food, elderly nutrition, medical nutrition

Gum & Confectionary

Gum & Confectionary

Chewing gum, all types of candies and chocolate.

Bakery & Cereal

Bakery & Cereal

Industrial bakery and bread, hot & cold cereal, crackers, fillings and frostings, dry mix for cakes, and ready-to-bake products.

Desserts & Ice Cream

Desserts & Ice Cream

Ice cream, powdered desserts, and fruits & preserves.



Over the counter medicinal products such as cold, flu and pain remedies, antacids, fiber supplements and vitamins

Consumer Shopping for Bulk Cereal


Human Insights

Satisfying Your Consumer


Our proprietary Sweet Goods consumer and market insights and global sensory capabilities can help you better understand your consumer, enabling you to develop and deliver a product that satisfies their needs and desires.


  • Create an Emotional Brand: Don't stop at great taste–establish an emotional connection with your product using Firmenich Emotions 360, which connects different food ingredients with the emotions and functionality they evoke in consumers.

  • Stay informed: Leverage Insights from our Covid-19 Consumer Behavior Study–a comprehensive, ongoing global look at how consumer behaviors and needs are changing during the crisis.


Human Insights

Trending Insights



of consumers are searching for vanilla, chocolate & caramel flavors to lift their mood.



of consumers are counting or cutting back on calories.



of women are consuming more plant-based dairy products.



of consumers are paying attention to nutritional information.


Source: Firmenich COVID-19 consumer behavior survey COVERING 6,000 consumers in 22 markets.  April 2020.

Nutrition Energy Balls

Balancing Taste, Nutrition and Sweetness, Made Simple

Whether you wish to improve texture in an existing product, boost nutrition, or formulate great tasting low to no sugar Sweet Goods products, we can help:


Deliver Flavor Impact for Your Desired Experience

Whether you're exploring new protein sources or simply addressing a performance challenge, Firmenich has the technology and expertise to deliver the flavor profile, release, protection, and particle size to optimize the experience for your consumers. As pioneers in taste modulation, we can help you with:


  • Masking: Unparalleled technologies for a wide range of proteins sources and types including peptides and hydrolyzed proteins.
  • Encapsulation: Precise flavor release control to create impactful emotions
  • Integrated Solutions: Flavor combined with our proprietary technologies to deliver uncompromised taste even when targeting nutritional benefits.
Our Technologies

Your Partner for Success

Each new Sweet Goods product comes with its own unique market goals, objectives and requirements. Choosing the right partner is the difference in achieving a successful product launch:

Flavor Creation

Our Flavorists shape the future of taste and nutrition through creative combinations of flavors that surprise and delight consumers, bringing your product the emotional impact you seek.

Sweet Goods Application Expertise

Our global and regional network of application specialists have the tools and knowledge to expertly formulate to your specifications and individual requirements.

Global Regulatory Understanding

Through our dedicated collaboration with global regulatory bodies we have the expertise and resources to enable your product to meet labeling goals with the authenticity your consumer expects.

Developing a new Sweet Goods product? We can help you out.

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