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Quench Your Thirst for Beverage Innovation

Whether to energize, relax, nourish or indulge, Beverages can satisfy consumers’ desires with an ever-expanding array of choices.


Within these choices, nuanced new needs are emerging. Consumers are looking for beverages that have more natural and authentic ingredients and more interesting and sophisticated flavor combinations. They are looking for lower or no sugar and additional health and wellness benefits, all without sacrificing taste. To succeed in today's beverage market you need a partner with a holistic understanding of how to create winning products that meet these needs.


Beverage Cheers

Expertise from Experience

With the blurring of categories, experience becomes more important than ever to ensure the unique qualities and performance that drive consumer preference are present in your new products. With our global and local application and development teams, we have the beverage expertise to help you across:

(Special) Soft Drinks

(Special) Soft Drinks

This fastest growing global category includes Flavored and Functional Waters, RTD Tea & Coffee, Sports & Energy Drinks, Functional Drinks and Dilutables.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated Soft Drinks

One of the largest categories, this includes fizzy drinks, soda or pop (cola, non-cola and mixers) that are carbonated.

Alcohol Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks


Often the category that sparks the most food and beverage trends, includes beer, cider, spirits, wine and flavored alcoholic beverages.

Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks

This traditional category focuses mainly on Coffee and tea, including roast & ground coffee, coffee mixes, and tea which is loose or bagged.

Juices & Nectars

Juices & Nectars

This category is made up of fruit and vegetable 100% juice as well as nectars (99%-25% juice) and fruit juice flavored drinks (<25%).

Powdered Soft Drinks

Powdered Soft Drinks

This most economical and convenient beverage category and includes fruit powders, powdered tea drinks and others, designed to be consumed cold.

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Hard Seltzer Beverages

How can we help you Unlock the Next Generation of Hard Seltzers?



Deliver Flavor Impact for Your Desired Experience

Whether a zesty lemon flavor for a tea bag, a caramel mocha flavor a coffee capsule, or a tangy raspberry flavor for a powdered beverage, Firmenich has the technology and expertise to deliver the flavor profile, release, protection and particle size to create the optimal experience for your consumers.

Our Technologies

Your Partner for Success

Each new beverage comes with its own unique market goals, objectives and requirements. Choosing the right partner is the difference to achieving a successful product launch.

Flavor Creation

Our Flavorists’ expertise shapes the future of taste and nutrition through creative taste combinations that surprise and delight consumers and bring your product the emotional impact you seek.

Beverage Application Expertise

Our extensive global and regional network of beverage application specialists have the tools and know-how to formulate to your specifications and requirements.

Global Regulatory Understanding

Through our dedicated collaboration with global regulatory bodies we have the expertise to make your product meet your labeling goals with the authenticity your consumer expects.

Developing a new beverage product? Let us help.

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