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We are true innovators delivering for customers & delighting consumers.

Research at Firmenich

Our research explores the full continuum of taste and smell, from understanding human perception and molecules, all the way to developing new technologies and manufacturing processes. This approach is truly multidisciplinary, mastering pure and applied science and engineering disciplines.


We are passionate about research that positions us as true innovators – delivering value for customers and delighting consumers.


Our scientists are inspired by a unique 125-year legacy of research excellence and driven by a commitment to sustainable science. No other comparable company mobilizes such a comprehensive array of research activity to define the future of fragrance and flavor, than Firmenich.

Leadership in Science


Leadership in Science

In shaping the future of fragrance and taste, our approach is truly multidisciplinary. Our scientists and researchers from around the world are united in their passion for providing concrete solutions as they explore molecules, investigate the fundamental mechanisms of human perception and unravel the secrets of nature.


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