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Transforming Creativity

We are working in the vanguard of computer science, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to transform and ultimately revolutionize the way we create perfumes, flavors and ingredients.


AI does not diminish the human touch.  It deepens it by harnessing the things machines can do supremely well – their speed, agility and multi-dimensionality – to augment invaluable human creativity and emotional intelligence. With AI at their side our creators’ artistry can run free.


AI in Action

We are aggregating scientific and creative knowledge from all parts of Firmenich, then modelling this knowledge in ways that make it easy to share with our scientists, perfumers and flavorists – providing them with answers, options and new sources of inspiration. Using our AI-enabled tool, they work faster and with greater certainty after the information they use has been optimized to ensure best performance, safety and other critical parameters.



Our perfumers and flavorists can better identify the perfect molecule or ingredient, the proven formula, the new possibility they need to meet a customer brief in full, all at greater speed and with increased efficiency. AI also helps guide responses to every parameter, including regulatory requirements and the presence of allergens.

Multiplying Experience

AI multiplies personal experience, accumulating individual knowledge and creativity and making it accessible to all. Given AI’s significant potential, we have created an ethical charter to ensure we use it sensitively and ethically.


Working with the Best

This acceleration in our computer science capability is led by our digital ‘d-lab’, located alongside fellow incubators at the EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. There, our experts are collaborating with other first-movers in this competitive space, including academics and students, with a brief to dream and disrupt in constructive ways.


Unlimited Possibilities

Where will AI take Firmenich? In the short-term it is already transforming how our perfumers, flavorists and chemists can access and use knowledge. For the longer-term, we are exploring other ways in which human creativity and computers can converge and transform the science of the human senses. We are setting no limits. We are dreaming big and aiming high.


Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry has always been at the heart of our science; today our discovery is guided by green chemistry principles.

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