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Materials Science

Delivering the Difference

Materials science delivers the performance difference that wins for customers and consumers. Our researchers engineer smart and sustainable delivery systems that bring flavors and fragrances to the senses exactly where and when our creators intended. Understanding the physico-chemical properties and potential of substances is just the start.


Customer-led Collaboration

We add a customer-led approach that is truly bespoke. Our scientific know-how brings out the fullness of  flavors and precise mouthfeel, and helps craft body and home care products with the required fragrance bloom and long-lastingness. While every solution is unique, we have established market leadership in food polymers, biopolymers and bio-inspired fragrances. This highly interactive and iterative process results in close collaboration with our customers to formulate solutions, test, then reformulate and improve them.


Success Stories

Our success stories include the development of dry flavor powders that dissolve easily in water, Flexarome®, and emulsions to disperse flavors in beverages, branded Solessence® . In fragrances these are mirrored by our PopScent® microcapsules and development of new-generation biodegradable and eco-friendly delivery systems. Our innovative HaloScent® “Profragrance” systems create a halo effect enabling an entire fragrance to last longer for a more rounded olfactive experience.


Sustainable Solutions and Inspirations

Our approach is bio-inspiredseeking sustainable solutions that are better for people, nature and climate  – whether we are looking for ways to create delivery mechanisms from renewable materials, or to enable palatable smart protein solutions that support better human health and reduce the pressure on earth’s finite agricultural resources.



In a spirit of open innovation, we also share and extend our knowledge on materials science with many external partners worldwide. Our collaborations include EPFL (Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne), Wageningen University, John Hopkins University and Donghua University.

Analytical Chemistry

Mastery in analytical chemistry – the study of substances and their interrelationships – is transforming our processes and solutions.

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