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Thinking Beyond Antimicrobial Solutions

The antimicrobial properties of essential oils and plants extracts has been recognized for many years and widely reported in the scientific literature. By exploring ways in which fragrance ingredients can modulate microbial activity, we can for example reduce bad odors associated with sweating. At Firmenich, we have harnessed knowledge on the antimicrobial qualities of our ingredients for many years for consumer fragrances products.



Understanding the Microbiome

Today, scientific understanding of the role played by bacteria present in our body has greatly advanced and evolved. We now understand that microbes are not only a source of problems, rather they can be equally important for human health. In fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that the human microbiome has an important influence on our metabolism, immunity and also skin health.


Trusted Solutions

At the same time, more and more consumers are thinking holistically about their home and their body. In tune with this movement, we embrace the need for a healthy balance in the complex microbiome on our skin, mouth and gut. Our ingredients are the building blocks to support this balance. Our microbiologists, chemists, perfumers, flavorists, and process engineers are working together to deliver a new generation of solutions that are biologically functional, and smell and taste great.


Psychophysics, Sensory & Cognition

We are exploring new frontiers of science, unraveling the complex connections between taste, smell and the human mind.

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