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Inspired by Nature, Protecting Nature

Organic chemistry has always been at the core of Firmenich’s science. Today, we apply green chemistry principles, which maximize efficiency and minimize hazardous effects on health and the environment, to the development and manufacturing processes of our ingredients.


Our chemists provide our flavorists and perfumers with unique ingredients that unleash their creativity and, at the same time, are safe and sustainable.  Thanks to our Green Gate approach, we  ensure that all the ingredients we bring to market are biodegradable and have a low environmental impact through non-bioaccumulation and non-toxicity, thereby protecting our planet.


Regeneration not Consumption

Catalysis is at the heart of organic chemistry – a process based on regeneration rather than the consumption of reactive materials. By embracing catalysis we produce industry-leading products that generate comparatively little waste. Two outstanding examples based on the use of cutting edge catalysis methodologies are Paradisone®, which enhances jasmine fragrances, and Mimosal®, an innovative muguet, green molecule that is 100% biodegradable.


Upcycling and Circularity

Our molecular creativity has long shaped the industry.  Today we are committed to using renewable carbon sources, whenever possible, to produce ingredients with minimal environmental impact. Looking ahead, we are leveraging our organic chemistry toolkit to unlock true sustainability and contribute to the circular economy: by using innovative organic methodology, we can turn waste or by-products from other industries, such as fruit juice, paper and furniture production into unique ingredients - a concept known as upcycling.


United by the Molecule

Our organic chemists work in a dynamic, reciprocal knowledge network with experts from other science domains. What links them all is a common focus on the molecule and its olfactive footprint – from discovery to delivery for customers. We also collaborate with many external partners at the forefront of chemistry, including academic research institutions and start-ups. As a business steeped in science, with a strong record for transforming research into industry-leading molecules, Firmenich is an exciting place for ambitious organic chemists to be right now and shape the future.




We are leading an industry revolution that has its roots in natural processes that humans have used for centuries.


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