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Understanding Taste & Smell

Mapping our Senses

The human senses, primarily taste and smell, but also sight, hearing and touch, are at the heart of our research and development of new fragrances and flavors. We seek to uncover the fundamental mysteries of taste and odor perception, from our tongue and nose to our brain, to understand which sensory characteristics drive consumer preferences.


Exploring the frontiers of science allows us to generate sweet or savory tastes without sugar or salt, enhance sensations such as coolness, or modulate bitterness or sourness; and discover how to improve fragrance formulations, make pleasant scents last or control malodor.

child smelling yellow flower

Mastering Taste and More

Making great products involves understanding how sight, sound and texture influence consumer perceptions and preferences. Our researchers master complex techniques for physical measurement of food mechanics, such as juiciness, crunchiness, softness and mouthfeel that make products taste, feel and look right.

girl eating a burger and holding a smoothie

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