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Salt Reduction

Consumer concerns over Salt & MSG continue to be a major challenge for the food industry and a global concern touching almost every product category in Savory. Consumers understand the need to reduce sodium but won’t compromise on Taste. Consumers are also now much more aware than ever about what goes into their food.This clear trend towards cleaner labels is driving the need to find alternative solutions to MSG.

Want to reduce the reliance on sodium without compromising on taste? How can you make food taste delicious without the negative labelling? We can help you solve your taste challenges through TasteElements.

Salt & Umami

Making Healthier Taste Great

Firmenich TasteElements enable you to address consumer demand for lower salt levels and cleaner labeling through:

Salt & Umami Toolkit

The broadest range of flavor ingredients for sodium reduction and clean label umami.


Our predictive modeling system for accelerated development & optimal formulation design.

Nature-Inspired Innovation

Industry leading receptor-based screening program for new molecule discoveries inspired by nature and culinary traditions.

A Tailored Approach to Meet your Specific Needs


TasteElements is not reliant on single ingredients to address your taste challenges. Like a painter uses a palette of colors, our flavorists can employ the broadest range of flavor ingredients to create a taste that will address your performance and brand needs.


  • Sodium Reduction
  • MSG replacement
  • Integrated Solutions Approach
  • Integrated or Generic Solution

Brand Needs

  • Declaration Requirements
  • Supporting Claims
  • Nutritional Needs
  • Cost in Use

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