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Explore our one-of-a-kind collection that can enrich sensorial experiences for consumers worldwide.


Enriching sensorial experiences for consumers worldwide

Ambrette FIRABS

Beyond Muguet

Lilyflore® and Mimosal™, two impacting florals

Mimosal™ and Lilyflore® are both unrivalled florals part of the BEYOND MUGUET collection, Firmenich’s portfolio of original, fresh and transparent muguet ingredients. Alive with a thousand sensations, this explorative work embodies a brand-new creative approach to develop universal floral muguet type notes.
Some of the other inspiring compositions and ingredients include HIVERNAL® NEO, MAYOL®, FLOROL®, and MUGUISSIMO®.
This groundbreaking program continuously empowers ingredient launches and formulations, designed by the genius of our scientists and sublimated by the talent of perfumers.