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Innovators in nutrition, health and beauty. Read more about our new company at or continue here to read more on the incredible solutions and services that we offer.

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What we stand for

Our Vision & Strategy

Putting Firmenich’s world-class research and capabilities to work, we always seek to be at the forefront of our customers’ needs and aspirations.

Being a Family business, making a positive contribution to our Communities has always been our priority. That’s why sustainability is at the core of our strategy.

To make a bigger impact, we set ourselves pioneering goals to create value for our stakeholders today and for generations to come.

Our creativity and science enables us to address some of the world’s greatest challenges, such as Hygiene and Sanitation, Health and Nutrition and Climate Change.

Today, more than ever, I am proud to say that Firmenich is more than a Business.


We are a Family, with a Legacy!

Gilbert Ghostine, CEO

Gilbert Ghostine CEO Firmenich

Accelerating our sustainability efforts

Striving for positive change

For decades, we have been creating a positive impact for people, nature, & climate. Through the latest taste solutions and investments in renewable energy, we strive for positive change.

Our fundamentals


We fragrance and flavor our customers’ products for our mutual success.


  • Our customer intimacy is unique as we partner with our customers to transform their ambitions into reality.

  • We anticipate consumers’ desires continuously reinventing the world of taste and smell.

  • We deliver value through innovative products and services, placing decision-making as close as possible to our customers.




Our people are the heart of our Company. They are recognized for their
passion, talent and commitment.


  • We strictly maintain the highest levels of personal integrity and ethical behavior.

  • We value diversity and create an environment in which each colleague is empowered and encouraged to grow, enabling us to shape our future with confidence and imagination.

  • We unite the finest talents and nurture an entrepreneurial team spirit to attain our strategic goals.




Creativity is our essence.


  • We create fragrances and flavors that inspire moments of pleasure and delight for consumers worldwide.

  • We lead our industry in research and innovation, constantly driving incremental and breakthrough winning ideas and technologies.

  • We apply our creativity to improve all parts of the business.




Our integrity and sense of individual and collective responsibility ensure our long-term success.


  • We practice a sustainable business model for the well-being of present and future generations.

  • We engage all our partners to build a responsible, sustainable and traceable value chain.

  • We strictly comply with all regulatory requirements and strive to achieve the highest international standards on quality, safety and the environment.




Our independence gives us the freedom to control our destiny.


  • We are a family-owned company, committed to our independence.

  • We take a long-term view of our business.

  • We pursue a policy of financial strength, profitable growth and return on assets.