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Matthew Furner
“For decades, philanthropy has been a key part of Firmenich’s culture."

Matthew Furner

Chairman of the Firmenich Charitable Foundation

Human Rights at Source

To address human rights with our suppliers, our strategy is first to raise awareness and train the entire procurement community on human rights as well as on emerging human rights laws and management practices. Whenever possible, our future projects will include a human rights driver, be it related to a living wage, children’s education or women empowerment.

In 2021, we designed two new projects at source:

Philippines – Elemi Gum Distillery

This project, in co-investment with a like-minded company, consists of setting up a distillery on the island of Luzon (Philippines) to produce essential oil from local elemi gum. This distillery will strengthen the local supply chain and also includes the supply of elemi plants and farmer training.

Provence – Orris Sourcing

This project, designed for 5 years and in partnership with SCA3P (our supplier of Lavendin and Lavender), aims to create an alternative source of supply of iris roots in the Provence region (France) to replace that of China. This project will provide additional activities for local farmers and produce at a better cost.

Case Studies

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madagascar school

Caring About People

From the farmers and workers in our supply chains to our colleagues, customers and consumers – people are at the heart of everything we do. We care for every person touched in any way by our business. Caring about people starts by ensuring their fundamental human rights.

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