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Human Insights

Foresight & Trenz

Prospectors of trends at their earliest stage, our Foresight and Trenz Team brings you an in-depth understanding of the all the different forces affecting the consumer landscape and how they will shape the marketplace. With this prospective vision, together we are able to inspire new product development in food and beverage.

Foresight and Trenz

The Trusted Foresight You Need to Boldly Innovate

Our focused approach and validated methodology doesn't just inform; it enables you to understand the pulse of the world as we:

Observe and Amplify Change

Enhance signal detection through our global Trenz® network, creative community engagement and inspirational destinations

Analyze Major Societal Shifts

Deconstruct and interpret major societal changes by utilizing our unique multi-decadal lens and industry-proven expertise

Transform Ideas Into Opportunities

Succeed in today’s consumer landscape by using our trends expertise to quickly translate trends into actionable strategic opportunities


Trenz Walks

What if you could curate the most interesting, fun, intriguing and undiscovered parts of a city into a living art gallery for your inspiration? Firmenich Trenz® Walks do exactly that, taking you on a physical or virtual journey that will excite and challenge all of your senses and leave you energized with new possibilities.

Trenz Walk



The Firmenich Sensorium brings consumer lifestyle trends to life in a multi-sensorial event, setting the stage for inspiring food and beverage opportunities. Partake in a fully immersive story that surprises and stimulates the senses through carefully crafted moments or environments. While some things are best left to the imagination, others must be experienced!


Is your next product going to have your desired impact?

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