Business governance in the perfumery and flavors industry


We are also committed to driving a responsible and transparent supply chain everywhere. Our actions are guided by our Responsible Sourcing Policy. We leverage our purchasing power to impact people and nature positively, reinforcing our resilience to climate change.


Then, we operate globally with the highest standards of governance, ethics and transparency. A private company with a public governance, Firmenich values its independence and long-term view of the industry.


Finally, we are committed to accelerate the development of digital capabilities from source to consumer. Increased data transparency is critical for all our stakeholders in order to drive a fact-based and science-based sustainability journey. From sourcing traceability to augmented innovation and creation we are leveraging our data to meet the requirements of the conscious consumer. 


Highest international governance standards applied

Best-in-class ESG data platform kick-off

Zero customer food 

Zero end product recall due to Firmenich