Sharing Innovation

Inspiring the industry

Captive ingredients embody the soul of Firmenich, they express our uniqueness, our difference, and our commitment to perfection.


We aim to share our innovations by releasing some of our most beautiful captive ingredients to the industry.



sharing innovation

Looking to create your own palette of innovative ingredients? We can help with that.

sharing innovation 2020




Sharing Innovation 2020


This year, we share two of our most renowned captives, our iconic Cascalone®, a pure watery signature, and Salicynile®, a white floral ingredient essential to home care applications. From our natural sandalwood specialties, we bring you our newest, captive white biotech ingredient Dreamwood™, which provides the olfactive warmth of iconic Mysore sandalwood with demonstrated cosmetic benefits. As the undisputed leader in true-to-nature Supercritical Fluid Extraction, we also present two, fully facetted natural ingredients: Tea Jasmine SFE and Elemi SFE.


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A fresh, aquatic wave from top to base note, with watery, fruity undertones. A sweet, watery version of Calone® with a transparent floral signature.



The smell of a delicate bouquet of white flowers with fruity notes reminiscent of banana and pear. Nuances of solar flowers give a sunny and radiant effect. It is a must for functional mediums and easy-to-use in various accords, especially for floral and fougere themes. 


Sandalwood specialties

Natural specialties, designed with Dreamwood™, our newest white biotechnology innovation offering new olfactive and cosmetic benefits.


Tea Jasmine SFE & Elemi SFE

Perfect, true-to-nature ingredients! Pionneer and leader in Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), Firmenich offers undisputed expertise to reinforce creativity with sustainable naturals.



Inspiring the flavor industry

At the occasion of Food Ingredients Europe in Paris, France, December 3-5, we will unveil our Sharing Innovation Flavor Ingredients 2020.


With this unique collection we share our legacy and “savoir-faire” in citrus and Supercritical CO2 extraction method, offering endless source of inspiration and solution for clean label creations

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