Respecting biodiversity through good practices

Taking the strain off nature

Nature inspires our creations, supplies us with precious ingredients and drives our innovation – from precious flower petals for fragrances, to herb oils for flavor ingredients and to building blocks. These are derived from biomass responsibly sourced on a large scale such as pine trees. 



Thanks to our innovation, we aim to reduce the pressure on plant species that are in limited supply. Our researchers design and develop alternatives based on green chemistry and biotechnology from responsibly sourced biomass. We do this by creating substitutes to natural raw materials – applying science to create entirely new fragrance and flavor molecules that are planet-friendly. They match our customers demands for the highest quality at minimal impact to biodiversity and climate.

Our Research Division follows the principles of Green Chemistry to design chemical processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances. Since 2010, our “Green Gate” filter ensures that our new ingredients have a low environmental impact in terms of biodegradability, non-bioaccumulation and non-toxicity for aquatic organisms. Our scientists also harness biotechnology, using living microorganisms and enzymes to produce sustainable ingredients.  

These energy- and resource-efficient processes allow us to reduce pressure on natural resources that are at risk of short supply while continuously engaging in the natural ingredient supply chains that generate income for farmers’ communities. This enables an improved monitoring of risk. 

While developing biodiversity-based innovating ingredients, we support the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol’s principles and requirements on Access and Benefits Sharing (ABS).



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The end results include remarkable products such as Dreamwood™, inspired by the rarest Mysore sandalwood – it is 100% natural, 100% renewable carbon and ultimately biodegradable.


Our portfolio of planet-friendly innovations is growing steadily. In addition to Dreamwood™, which was launched in 2020, we also lead in our industry with ingredients produced by or via biotechnology, including  Clearwood® (2014), Ambrox® Super (2016), and Z11 (2018).



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Dreamwood bottle

Embracing nature

Nature gives us everything. It inspires our creations, supplies us with precious ingredients and drives our innovation. 

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