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Product Safety & Quality

Product safety and quality are mainstays of our business. Our customers rely on us to deliver safe products that meet or exceed the highest standards of quality.


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Product Safety

Firmenich product safety and regulatory experts lead, support and champion projects that protect consumers and the environment in a responsible way. In close collaboration with our R&D colleagues, we are proactively  investigating new approaches and publish and present our results for the scientific community to promote the acceptance of more advanced safety tests.


We also focus on:


Protecting consumers and continuously invest to increase the available data needed to ensure consumers’ safety and products compliance.

Protecting animals and the environment and continue our efforts to develop animal-alternative methodologies for environmental assessment. 

Product quality & consumer protection

Firmenich’s ambition to lead in customer satisfaction drives our outstanding performance in product quality and compliance, food safety and service. 


From authenticating the natural ingredients we source, to ensuring quality excellence in the fragrances and flavors we produce, product quality along with product safety is a priority at Firmenich.

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Bottle and soap

Our Food Protection Program includes Food Safety, Food Defense and Food Fraud

The Food Safety Management system is designed to protect Firmenich against accidental introduction of chemical, physical, radiological, allergen, and microbiological contamination. An integral part of our program, Food Defense (prevention of intentional adulteration to cause harm) and Food Fraud (prevention of intentional adulteration for economic gain) rely on employee behavior.

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Caring for people

From the farmers and workers in our supply chains to our colleagues, customers and consumers – people are at the heart of everything we do. We care for every person touched in any way by our business. Caring for people starts by ensuring their fundamental human rights.


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