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Firmenich is bringing innovative technology solutions and real value creation to many of our customers brands and products all around the world. Our technologies achieve this by delivering value enhancing benefits such as perfume longevity, bloom and malodor counteraction to the end consumer.

Already recognized for perfumery delivery technology successes in Home Care, we have now expanded our expertise into Body Care.

Looking forward, we are well-placed to reinforce our capabilities, through a strong pipeline of new and differentiated technologies that are being advanced by our R&D teams and external innovation partners.


Perfume longevity is a key consumer need across almost every market, category and product application. Hence delivery of a long lasting perfume benefit from substrates such as fabrics, work surfaces, skin and hair is a key factor for creating positive emotions for consumers around the world.

Firmenich’s delivery system technologies enable our technical and creative teams to design perfume systems that deliver the optimal balance of perfume hedonics and intensity to dry substrates. This allows the perfume experience to be appreciated by consumers several hours, days or even weeks after product use. Firmenich has two leading long lasting perfume delivery Technologies;

Core shell polymeric capsules containing perfume that get deposited and retained on surfaces (clothes, skin, hair) during product use. Upon drying the capsules become brittle and break (due to naturally occurring physical forces such as movement, rubbing, combing, etc.), thus releasing the perfume.

“Profragrance” systems consist of two perfume molecules that are bonded together. One more substantive to substrates, the other is more volatile. Once delivered to a substrate during product use and then exposed to a specific natural “trigger” (e.g., oxygen, light or heat) the molecular bond breaks and the volatile perfume molecule gradually releases over time.


Blooming refers to the build-up in perfume intensity and volume that is experienced upon dissolution of a product in use. This can be either an instantaneous “burst” of perfume, for example after applying shampoo in the shower, or a more diffusive bloom that is noticed while handwashing dishes or clothes.

It is a highly desired product attribute for consumers, as this in-use bloom experience provides heightened perfume impact during their involvement in the cleansing process. It provides an opportunity not only for perfume to signal a product’s efficacy but also to drive emotional benefits during these moments of high consumer engagement with the product. Firmenich can optimize the bloom profile of many consumer products by careful design of the perfume composition and use of certain proprietary ingredients in the formula.

For dry products such as detergent powders, talcs and antiperspirant sprays that are exposed to water or moisture in use, our FirCaps® spray dried starch encapsulated delivery system can be employed for a more demonstrable blooming effect.

Making Hygiene Accessible for All The Malodor Control Project

We entered a research partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reinvent the Toilet Experience for populations at the “Base of the Pyramid” together. 

When we realized that smell could play a critical role in enabling more responsible hygiene behaviors we decided to put our science to work to be a part of tackling today’s sanitation crisis and enhance global wellbeing.

Watch the movie to learn more.


Odor control and freshness are key necessities that touch many aspects of a consumer’s life. As such, they are intrinsic requirements for almost all perfumes that get incorporated into consumer products. These products can deliver greatly improved consumer appreciation, reassurance and satisfaction through the reduction or elimination of many common malodors.

Firmenich’s malodor counteraction technologies address a range of relevant malodor problems, without compromising on desired perfume hedonics.

Our DeoArome® portfolio of malodor counteraction technologies is underpinned by a strong pipeline of new innovations emerging from our internal R&D programs as well as from external partnerships. These technologies target various mechanisms of malodor management, from microbial control prior to malodor formulation, through to perpetual odor blending or receptor blocking once the malodor has formed.


Almost every day, consumers increasingly experience fragranced air in some form or other, whether in large public areas such as shopping centers, or in private spaces such as the car or home. Firmenich’s airborne delivery technologies provide differentiated solutions for diffusing perfume into the air; either for continuous action delivery (mainly for achieving olfactive ambiance) or instant action (immediate perfume impact and remedial treatment of malodors).

Firmenich’s AeroMix® portfolio of core airborne technologies cover a range of carrier materials that effectively contain and diffuse perfume. These materials are used as supports around which delivery devices can be designed and developed. 

Combining appropriate perfume design principles with the right airborne core technology for the targeted use is key to achieving the right performance, delivery profile and overall desired perfume experience. Ultimately this combination helps to enhance wellbeing for consumers around the world.
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