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Consumer Fragrances Insights

Breaking Bad Odors: Fabric Enhancers

Malodor in laundry has emerged as a rising concern globally as consumers use the absence of malodor as a reassurance for a job well done in achieving cleanliness and hygiene. Given their heightened sensitivities, brands need to ensure their products deliver sustained fragrance signals throughout the entire laundry process – during wash, after wash and drying. Yet, more than half the global population claim malodor experiences in their laundry process, with malodor more prevalent for users of fabric enhancers.


In this in-depth study, we surveyed 14,000 women from 21 countries across 5 continents to understand their perception of malodor, the issues they face in trying to eliminate malodor, the products they turn to in the market today, and white spaces they hope brands will explore in their new innovations. With our expertise in malodor control, we showcase a range of Firmenich Technologies Solution that can be applied in fabric enhancers to eliminate malodors. 

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