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Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Fragrances

Felix Frowein


Felix joined Firmenich in 1998, starting with the Fine Fragrance Marketing team in New York, USA before moving to the company’s headquarters in Geneva a year later. Since then, he has successfully led accounts and teams within our global and local networks, from the US to Europe, to Asia and North Africa & the Middle East.


In 2019, Felix was appointed Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Fragrances, where he continues to drive collaboration and innovation across all continents and diverse cultures. With over 20 years of fragrance industry experience and strong international business expertise, he delivers fast mutual growth with customers of different sizes, structures and challenges. Felix is passionate about inclusive growth and is an advocate for a learning organization that constantly strives to push boundaries in a world of transformation.

Felix Frowein


Felix is German and holds a B.A. Honors in International Business Administration from the University of Reutlingen and Universidad Pontificia Comillas of Madrid. He is currently based out of Firmenich global headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

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