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Coralie Spicher



“Every memory recalls a perfume."

Home: Paris, France

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Coralie Spicher


Coralie Spicher is a sensitive soul, with a curious, playful nature.


Born in Geneva, Switzerland, she discovered her passion for fragrance after receiving her first perfume on her twelfth birthday. That first scent transported her into a magical, emotional world that has become her playground.


After beginning her studies in biochemistry at the University of Geneva, she discovered the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum and moved to Paris, France, to complete her Masters. With a first professional experience at Firmenich in Geneva in chromatography, she joined the Firmenich Fine Fragrance perfumery school in 2018.


Coralie finds inspiration in everyday life: places, people, architecture, artwork, food, ceremonies, experiences. “I enjoy watching the customs of people, either here or during my travels, the way they cook, dress and speak, their values and the smells they encounter each day. I find this exchange both interesting and enriching, and so very precious in helping me create perfumes that touch them.”


Always inquisitive, Coralie continually questions herself. “I learn every day, all the time.’” Her patience, resilience, perseverance and curiosity, coupled with hard work, help her transfer authentic emotions in her olfactive creations.


Coralie never forgets why she began her journey with fragrance, and this empowers her to push forward, exploring new territories with a balance of strength and sensitivity.