Fine Fragrance Atelier


Ultra-modern and welcoming, our Shanghai Fine Fragrance Atelier embodies the passion of fragrance and embraces the growth of Fine Fragrance in China. Our unique Fine Fragrance Atelier enhances collaboration and co-creation with our Asian-Pacific customers, to deliver quality, creativity, innovation, value and growth.

Fine Fragrance Atelier Shanghai
When I’m in China, I’m touched by both its tradition and modernity. China is a huge source of inspiration. It is a country of contrasts, with a rich history of perfumery in ceremonies, rituals, performances and cuisine, yet China also exemplifies innovation through its consumers, cities and culture."

Nathalie Lorson

Master Perfumer

Fine Fragrance Atelier, Shanghai
Fine Fragrance Atelier, Shanghai
Fine Fragrance Atélier, Shanghai
Fine Fragrance Atelier, Shanghai
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