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Aimee Virtucio



“I find it so rewarding to finally get my formulas to the perfect place, it’s a great source of pride."

Home: New York, New York

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Aimee Virtucio


Aimee was destined to work in the perfume industry. Her mother, Amarita Virtucio, was also a perfumer and, as a child, she was intrigued by all the perfume bottles throughout the house.


A native of New Jersey with a Philippino heritage, Aimee studied Chemistry at Rutgers University. Her first internship in our industry was in analytical perfumery, evaluating ingredients in fragrances for Noville, a company later acquired by Firmenich. Subsequent internships there gave her exposure to many different departments – analytical perfumery, perfumery/flavors application, and the compounding lab. 


Upon graduating from college, she was soon hired full time and moved to the Applications Lab, becoming a compounder for both fragrances and flavors. She loved the specificity and detail of Technical Perfumery’s data-driven world.


Aimee later moved to two other major fragrance houses to gain further training and expertise, becoming a Senior Fine Fragrance Compounder.  Her next role was as a G.C. Chemist and Evaluator for Quality Control Production. She received her formal education as a perfumer in 2008-2009 and officially became a Technical Perfumer. 


Aimee joined Firmenich at the New York office in 2018.  She is especially happy to have access to Firmenich’s unique ingredients palette.