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Alexis Grugeon



“Creating never seems like work to me, instead it’s a feeling that I am enjoying the pleasures of my passion!"

Home: New York, New York

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Alexis Grugeon


Alexis Grugeon was born in Beauvais, a small town in a region of Northern France that is surrounded by forests and nature. He loved everything about his childhood and youth: the local beauty, playing sports - especially rugby, and being a drummer in local bands.


One day, this young drummer and rugby player came into contact with the world of perfumery when, at the age of nine, he visited the Perfume Museum in Grasse. Suddenly, Alexis realized what he wanted his future to be, and told his family and friends: “Perfume will become the center of my life!”


Today he devotes himself to creating new textures and playing with contrasts, and he particularly loves combining addictive ingredients. “I’m always looking for ways to blend together surprising elements that result in totally unexpected effects.” Olfactive creation fascinates and excites him. “I don’t have the sense that I am working – but that I am enjoying the pleasure of my passion.” Alexis shares that he has always been color-blind so he is not influenced by colors. In fact, he suggests that his color-blindness allowed him to develop his early sensitivity to fragrance. “That probably explains my very young attraction to the world of scent. Perfume is my color!”


A triathlete, Alexis enjoys swimming, cycling and running and has participated in the New York Marathon and in several triathlon events in France. He is also training for the Half Ironman Triathlon in Miami. “Morning and evening I make an effort to enjoy both the challenge and the joy of sports. This balance in my life gives me a sense of calm in stressful situations.“