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Ane Ayo



“For me, perfumery is a profession of trust and sharing."

Home: Paris, France

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Ane Ayo


Ane Ayo’s personality is a beautiful mix of European cultures. After her childhood in Spain, she studied in the United Kingdom, stayed in Germany and has been working for many years in France. This multiculturalism taught her to draw inspiration from many sources.
Following an inspiring childhood beside the ocean in Bilbao, Ano initially studied pharmacy – then a newspaper article about the master perfumer Alberto Morillas captivated her. She pursued and MBA in perfume and fashion management before studying at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. For her, above all else, perfumery is a profession of trust and sharing, and a passion too, which allows her to express her aestheticism and her personality, while opening new doors to the world around her. 


Like many other perfumers, Ane is inspired by travel, especially Japan which amazes her through its culture, gastronomy and art. Menorca, her “holiday island”, also occupies a special place in her heart. 


She also has a great interest in painting, fashion, dance, fabrics and colors. She likes to devote her free time to creating perfumes around the same theme. Her flower collection, “The Flower Shop”, features ingredients, including Lavender Memory or Tuberose Saffron. It combines art, design and fragrance.