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Senior Perfumer

Carmita Magalhaes



“Nature is the greatest perfumer of all!"

Home: Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Carmita Magalhaes


Carmita was born in France to Portuguese parents and has lived in Brazil since 1999. She proudly describes herself as “Brazilianised French-Portuguese”! 


She grew up near a forest and is still moved by the smell of trees. As a child she enjoyed walking, cycling and helping her father, who taught her to recognize aromatic plants – triggering her continuing love of fragrances and inspiring her choice of career. 


After five year’s training as perfumer, Firmenich offered her a position in Brazil. The country and its people captivated her. “The stereotypes are actually true to life: the beaches, the wide open spaces, the variety of landscapes and the incredible fruits and flowers all year round. The light is spectacular, and the sun shines every day.” Having seen the perfume industry in Brazil evolve over many years, she now creates fragrances that embody her three keywords: freshness, comfort and sensuality. 


For Carmita is the defining leitmotiv. “Nature is the greatest perfumer of all. I love the smell of mint in the streams, the smell of dry straw in the Brazilian pampa, the fragrance of olive wood, and that of basil when it rains. I love being a part of this immensity, this diversity. For me, everything is a journey.”