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Senior Perfumer

Clement Gavarry



“Each day is a new adventure. Creativity, Passion, Freedom. Carpe diem (Seize the day)!"

Home: New York, New York

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Clement Gavarry

Fine Fragrance Creations




The fourth generation of his family to work in fragrance creation, perfumery is Clement’s birthright. Born in Paris, he has many fond memories of Grasse and it was there that his father, renowned perfumer Max Gavarry, gently opened the world of fragrance up to him “by engaging me with nature. I loved smelling the fir balsam; the immortelle; the sweet, resin eucalyptus trees.”


These experiences, together with his love of the sea, still stir him and inspired him to enter the industry through summer internships. Then, work experience in New York brought an epiphany: he should become a perfumer. He entered ISIPCA, graduating with a Master’s Degree and a Diploma in Organic Chemistry. 


New York has been his home since his early 20s. “The city is one big experiment – there’s constant newness, energy, a vibe I love.” 


Clement is a perfectionist who prefers to focus intently on a project, often finding it hard to “let go” and finish his fragrances. “I love to truly get to know my formula. Only then can I find the best balance. We need time for trial and error – or plain luck! – in order to create the best fragrances.”