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Principal Perfumer

Daphné Bugey



“My mantra is to experience everything, feel everything, so that I can create from a place of freedom."

Home: Lisbon, Portugal

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Daphné Bugey

Fine Fragrance Creations




Daphné knew from the age of 10 she was destined to become a perfumer and nothing has diverted her from this path. Passionate about the world of fragrance, she collected bottles and advertisements, always on the lookout for scents.


She loves spread her wings. Having first experienced the frisson of flight while paragliding she later embraced kite surfing. Enchanted by the power of the wind, she is a modern adventurer, exploring both sky and sea. 


As a perfumer, Daphné she is also a free spirit, travelling the world,  from mountains to deserts. She spent a one-year sabbatical journeying across continents to explore nature, spirituality and contemporary art. 


Along the way she meditated in Nepal, worked on an organic farm in Japan, mastered Ayurveda in India and studied the native language in Italy, where she also spent time in the Fabrica and the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice. 


In life and in her creations, Daphné errs on the rational side of excess and has no desire to change her ways. She is curious about the world around her, with a constant appetite to learn. She wants to experience everything. Her compositions benefit from this approach and her perfumery reflects her exactly: spontaneous, audacious and free.