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SENIOR Perfumer

Dora Baghriche



“My art imitates my life, I am inspired by everything!"

Home: Paris, France

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Dora Baghriche

Fine Fragrance Creations




Dora dreamed of becoming an international reporter before she fell in love with perfume. Both her grandmothers were pastry chefs and her first fragrance memories are the scents of pine nut cream, cinnamon treats and almonds. 


Dora’s inquisitive mind has always pushed her toward discovery and many of her friends are emerging musicians, filmmakers or actors. Her own experiences are equally varied, from the Mediterranean marquis to the Asian countryside, via New York – a city that inspired and taught her a great deal. Italy is also a “a country, a language and a culture that resonates with me,” she says. 


Dora is comfortable exploring the world alone and finds that its magical moments are similar to those she experiences when creating a new fragrance. In both cases, she isolates herself to think and find the right angle. “I envelop the questions the destination inspires, allow them to become personal and then capture them in my journal.” It is in this little book that she reconnects with her literary roots. Dora writes everything down, from descriptions to inspirations. 


Dora likes to say that she works with perfume. It is her ally, opening up a field of infinite emotional possibilities.