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Principal Perfumer

Ilias Ermenidis



“My creations are a combination of talent, technique, unflagging effort, and good fortune."

Home: Paris, France

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Ilias Ermenidis

Fine Fragrance Creations




Having lived in so many different countries, Ilias is a true multi-cultural citizen of the world, with a remarkable mastery of languages. Nevertheless, his Greek heritage permeates his every pore. 


He was born in Constantinople where he spent his early childhood, later moving to Athens. He studied perfumery in Paris, his fascination with fragrances having been sparked at his father’s flavors and fragrance factory in Istanbul, where he interned each summer. 

Ilias was the first perfumer trainee hired by Firmenich and is proud of this fact.“At Firmenich, I live my passion; I feel like an artist in residence.” Constantly in search of new horizons, after having spent ten years living between Paris and Geneva Ilias moved to New-York, where he thrived for 25 years prior to his return to Paris in 2019. 


Dedicated to his craft, his family and fatherhood, Ilias is generous, warm, extroverted, and intellectually adventurous. With influences that include art and opera, he  fervently enjoys delving into abstract olfactive forms. “The moment an idea becomes a fragrance is a magical and promising one, but I am not alone on this creative adventure. A fragrance is also brought to life with people who inspire you. Together, we make something beautiful.”