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Julien Plos



“I love the fine line between light and dark, and seek to explore it in all my creations."

Resides: Paris, France

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Julien Plos


Thanks to his mother who is a perfumer, Julien was immersed in the world of fragrance at a young age. While learning about the history and traditions of perfumery in Grasse, in the south of France, he discovered his passion for natural ingredients. 


Since graduation from studying perfumery at ISIPCA in Versailles, Julien has seized working opportunities in England and the United States. He appreciated the eclecticism of London and New York taught him that anything is possible. In 2018, he returned to Paris to join Firmenich. 


Calm, precise and detailed, Julien is a perfectionist devoted to drawing. He enjoys creating contrasts, playing with light and dark, sketching forms such as statues. He escapes in the lines of his pencil or pen, meditating in black and white to develop a new world aesthetic. Julien also loves basketball, a team sport in which he finds parallels with his life as a perfumer. 


Julien is energized by the future direction of perfumery, including new technologies. Driven by innovation, he uses the latest high-tech extraction methods to explore different, unexpected facets of natural ingredients. He is also fascinated by the data that allows him to understand consumers’ culture and predict their expectations.