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Principal Perfumer

Marie Salamagne



“My fragrance creations are like paintings, the ingredients used create contrasts."

Home: Paris, France

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Marie Salamagne


Marie was into born to a family of doctors for whom work and passion are intrinsically linked. For her, perfumery was an instinctive vocation. She has always been sensitive to fragrance, from a teacher’s perfume to the scent of a new home and on this foundation has curated her journey.


She believes a perfumer embodies both craft and artistry. “A good perfume acts like Proust’s madeleine. It has the power to transport and arouse powerful, uncontrollable emotions.” Marie constantly seeks this magic through a distinctive creative process. She shuts the door, gathers her notebooks and thinks. Each notebook has its purpose, the largest matches scents with materials, others are devoted to natural notes, base notes or her overall vision. 


The relationship between materials and color fascinates her. She visualizes her creations like paintings, in which  hues create contrasts. Marie also loves to dance, embracing classical style and  modern jazz. 


Ever spontaneous, she experiments impulsively, driven by the desire to bring thoughts and ideas alive. She readily admits that she can be impatient and sensitive, with an edgy personality that must be wrapped in cotton wool from time to time. Perhaps these complexities all contribute to the glowing and lavish fragrances she creates.