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Nicolas Bonneville



“Style and freedom of expression are intrinsic to my creations.”

Home: Paris, France

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Nicolas Bonneville

Fine Fragrance Creations




At the age of 12, Nicolas fell in love with his perfumery during a trip to Grasse. He has returned there regularly ever since, to train alongside a Grasse Perfumer, Jacques Maurel or on vacations amongst its abundant plants and flowers.


In a similar spirit, he travels to India to follow the harvest of jasmine sambac, to Italy for mandarin and bergamot, to Florence for iris, and to Tunisia during the orange blossom harvest. He loves being inspired by natural ingredients and even grows them himself in Paris – everything from Roses to Mimosa. 


In great contrast, every year he attends the legendary Le Mans 24-hour car race in his home town. In fact, he draws a clear parallel between the race and the qualities that have driven his success as a perfumer – notable collaboration and collective excellence.


Always in search of fresh inspiration, Nicolas is an art lover. As with fragrance, he loves the idea that the emotions and the messages conveyed by Pop or Street Art are accessible to everyone. He admires the ability to express oneself by repurposing everyday objects and reinterpreting the urban experience, much as Warhol, Haring, JonOne or Banksy have done.