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An added burst of fragrance

Experiencing a pleasant burst of fragrance during showering, washing clothes by hand or taking wet fabric out of a washing machine are critical in-use judgement moments for determining a brand or product’s value.


This effect is known as Bloom: a build-up in fragrance intensity in-use when you add water to a product or when it comes into contact with moisture such as sweat. Bloom is a highly desired product attribute for consumers, providing heightened fragrance impact that not only signals the product’s efficacy but also drives emotional benefits during these moments of high product engagement.


We can enhance fragrance Bloom via the use of delivery system technologies that are designed to release at the moment they are exposed to water or moisture.


Two technologies today: one for powders, one for liquids


This natural-origin, spray-dried-starch encapsulated delivery system protects the fragrance inside from harsh bases prior to product use, and then delivers a burst of fragrance once dissolved. Consumers experience added fragrance pleasure when handwashing clothes and taking wet clothes out of the machine, as well as added scent protection from their deodorant when needed most. 


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