Cooling benefits

Sensational oral care

Our consumer studies and extensive global market research both confirm that cooling is the most desired sensation in oral care. It contributes, together with natural mint oils, to the pleasant perception of cleanliness and freshness that consumers’ want from any Oral Care product. 


Over many years, significant advances have taken place in discovery and synthesis of physiological coolants. The very first molecule identified and still in use is menthol. But menthol has drawbacks because it has a harsh, pungent profile in high concentrations. To overcome this, alternative molecules have been developed to provide improved hedonics. However, their technical incompatibilities in certain base systems and incomplete temporal profiles are an ongoing challenge.




Leader in physiological coolants





Freezestorm® was developed and commercialized in collaboration with Senomyx, an industry leader in cooling sensations as well as taste modulation technologies. Senomyx has been a part of the Firmenich family of businesses since 2018. 


Freezestorm® now provides a gold standard for physiological coolants in the oral care industry. It delivers superior longevity, higher potency, and most importantly, the cleanest cooling profile of all leading molecules.


Mint innovation

Mint is the major tonality in more than 88% of all Oral Care products. Mint essential oils used in the industry are extracted using traditional processes that have stood the test of time. 


In collaboration with Essex Laboratories, a Firmenich company and our partner in natural mint innovation, we are developing new varieties of mint through advanced breeding programs. These varieties allow our customers to innovate through new taste variations, offering consumers wider choice. 


As well as improving flavor design, these mint innovations are also creating new opportunities in olfaction and fragrance design while also providing additional benefits in health and wellness. The support our aim to bring new state-of-the-art creativity tools and patented solutions to our customers. 


Our mint raw materials are ethically and sustainably sourced, thanks to Essex’s legacy of US-grown peppermint and arvensis oils. They are all fully traceable from source to consumer. 



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