Enhanced Emotions

Reinforcing positive feelings of wellbeing

Emotions stem from instinctive reactions, not reasoning. They are controlled by the brain’s limbic system which also controls the sense of smell. It takes only 3.3 second to inhale and exhale but a brief encounter with scent lingers much longer in consumers’ memories. Olfaction plays an essential role in all our lives by transmitting emotions and ultimately influencing purchase behavior. 


Our fragrances heighten consumers’ positive emotional experiences across many touchpoints. We have created a multifaceted modular program, EmotiOn, to help our clients develop perfect product mixes that delight and satisfy consumers.


Anchored in 25 years of research together with distinguished scientific partners and universities, our EmotiOn program is based on cutting-edge neuroscientific research. Combined with our deep consumer insights this helps us create meaningful emotional stories through products.



80% of consumers' daily decisions are based on emotions.




An emotion and odor map developed through rigorous testing in many countries and regions that displays affective feelings triggered by different scents. Because responses to odors differ around the world, the map is adapted to each country. It clarifies the scent-emotion link and adds a new layer of information to consumer tests. 

Cleaning together


Based on our ScentMove™ proprietary model, EmotiCode™ defines how a product should smell in order to convey a specific emotion, taking into account the category, country and consumer that a brand wants to target.



EmotiWaves™ ingredients are validated through our the ScentMove™ model and subjected to fMRI (brain activity) testing. EmotiWaves™ can provide scientific support for products that claim to enhance specific human emotions.


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