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Press Release

Firmenich Sharing Innovation 2020 Collection Celebrates Creativity & Technology


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, JUNE 30, 2020 - Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, today proudly unveiled its Sharing Innovation 2020 collection of ingredients. Each year, the company shares selected signature ingredients with the perfumers of the world to promote and enhance perfumery culture. This year’s collection of six treasured ingredients celebrates our creativity and cutting-edge technologies, and includes two proprietary molecules which were previously exclusive to Firmenich, two speciality bases and two natural ingredients.


“Our Sharing Innovation collection is a Firmenich tradition and each year we are very pleased to offer the perfumery world some of our finest ingredients,” said Julien Firmenich, VP Product Strategy and Promotion. “This year’s collection is truly a treasure chest and includes ingredients from our industry-leading research platforms, including white biotechnology and supercritical fluid extraction.”


The Sharing Innovation 2020 collection includes the following innovative ingredients to inspire creators around the world:



  • CASCALONE® – A fresh, aquatic ingredient, with watery, fruity undertones. A sweet, watery version of Calone® - Firmenich’s iconic watery molecule - with a transparent floral signature. CASCALONE® is used to bring a natural and clean freshwater signature from top to base note.

  • SALICYNILE®– Fragrant like a delicate bouquet of white flowers with fruity notes reminiscent of banana and pear, this ingredient is used as a salicylate top note or as a versatile floral building block. It is much more stable than salicylates especially in Home Care applications and blends particularly well with all kind of floral or fougère accords.


Both created using DREAMWOOD™, our latest breakthrough white biotechnology captive ingredient, these specialty bases are designed for pure performance.

  • SANDALWOOD OIL TYPE NAT – Takes its inspiration from the iconic Mysore Sandalwood, also known as the “royal tree” in the Mysore district of Karnataka, India.

  • DREAMWOOD™BASE – Associating with elegance Dreamwood™ and woody Firmenich molecules, some of which are captive.



  • Tea Jasmine SFE – A fresh floral green ingredient, striking the perfect balance between fresh green tea leaves and jasmine, providing sweetness and softness. It blends harmoniously with citrus and sparkling notes, as well as with all types of woods, musks, and ambers.

  • ELEMI SFE – An ingredient that is spicy, peppery, and lemony. The fresh top note has a green facet while the bottom note evokes Frankincense and Pink peppercorn. ELEMI SFE is used to add a fresh note to woody, spicy and zesty perfumes, mainly in masculine fragrances.



The Sharing Innovation collection follows the recent launch of Firmenich’s EcoIngredient Compass, a new proprietary tool that offers customers an immediate assessment of the Group’s iconic fragrance molecules through the lens of green chemistry.

About Firmenich


Firmenich is the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1895. Driven by its purpose to create positive emotions to enhance wellbeing, naturally, Firmenich has designed many of the world’s best-known perfumes and tastes, bringing delight to over four billion consumers every day. Renowned for its world-class research and creativity, as well as its leadership in sustainability, each year, Firmenich invests 10% of its turnover in R&D to understand and share the best that nature has to offer responsibly. Firmenich had an annual turnover of 3.9 billion Swiss Francs at end June 2019.