Paris, France, July 8th, 2016 – Building on its long-term commitment to responsible sourcing of Naturals, Firmenich is proud to announce the launch of its latest edition of the “Naturals Together” campaign with its very first event in Paris, France, featuring an immersive sensorial experience. Through its ‘Naturals Together’ initiative, Firmenich partners with the best naturals producers to support smallholder farmers around the world who grow natural ingredients that sublime its flavors and fragrance creations. The event also served as the world premiere of the newest film in the Naturals Together web series, “Chapter 8: Oud”, highlighting Firmenich’s on-going partnership with Jalalli Agarwood in Bangladesh to harvest the finest quality Oud sustainably.

“Through our partnership with Jalalli we are joining our legacies to preserve oud for generations to come, and create the highest qualities of oud oils for our customers. Some of the oud varieties nurtured by Jalalli are more than 100 years old. Being a family company with a 120 year legacy, this means a lot to us.” said Gilbert Ghostine, Firmenich CEO.

Firmenich’s goal is to deliver the best that nature has to offer, by working hand-in-hand with farmers and producers, while operating the most traceable, sustainable and ethical value chain in the industry. Jalali Agarwood and Firmenich share the same responsible vision, with Jalali Agarwood planting 20 new trees for future generations to enjoy, for each individual tree that is cut down. Their production of oud essence is limited, reserved for Firmenich and a few customers in the Middle East. To discover more about this unique partnership committed to excellence in oud, we invite you to view this video:

Held at Firmenich’s Fine Fragrance Development Center in Neuilly Sur Seine, France, the event gathered together 8 of our Naturals Together partners from around the world. Firmenich fragrance customers from across Europe were invited and encouraged to discover the source of our naturals through a series of personal presentations which highlighted a wide range of exquisite raw materials, including vanilla, mint, rose, orange flower, vetiver, jasmine, citrus, cardamom and oud.

Oud is a mythical ingredient with an ancient history, originating in from the Sylhet region in Bangladesh. The earliest references of oud come from this region, found in the Sanskrit texts published in 1500 BC. Our Partner, Jalali Agarwood has been sustainably growing and producing oud in this region for decades, ensuring that the trade of the wood and oils benefits the social needs of the local community and provides a positive impact.


About ‘Naturals Together’

At Firmenich, we source and craft for our creators and the market, the most precious, innovative and sustainable natural ingredients. This represents 150 species, supplied by 100 producers, locally sourced in 40 countries. Contributing to the livelihoods of 250,000 families. More information about Naturals Together is available at


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