Factory Logistics Supervisor

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I have always been interested in the industrial world - and I am happy that I got the chance to join Firmenich. My daily life is to manage the teams overseeing the logistic processes. I help the team to to improve our work together. I also work on specific factory projects such as optimization of cleanings. I am motivated by the idea that everything we do with regards to optimization ultimately will benefit our end customer.


The health crisis, we are going through has, in my opinion, been indicative of the Firmenich spirit. Solidarity and mutual aid naturally emerged, so all hierarchical levels found themselves on the ground giving a hand to production by making boxes, sticking labels. This is the big Firmenich family! 


I am surrounded by professionals, who are passionate about what they do. We work in a pleasant atmosphere with real experts in their field, who willingly take their time to share their knowledge and who are full of ideas. Also, being a woman in a factory, I am proud to belong to Firmenich and thus be a reflection of the work carried out by Firmenich for gender equality.


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