Maintenance Technicians

Meet Lihua Guo and Long Qiang

We joined Firmenich in China as maintenance technicians in 2018,  our job is to make sure the plant is running stable to provide reliable supply to our clients.


Preventive maintenance is our specialty and we are so proud to work in such advanced plant facilities. It not only makes our job easier and safer, we are also learning a  lot about of new technologies and digitalization, when on the job.


We enjoy working as a close team and trust each other. Firmenich has proved resilience during the Covid-19 crisis, and we are proud to be contributing our part securing safe and timely delivery of essential goods to our customers.


Some of our favorite things about Firmenich are the great people caring culture and the diversity. We also appreciate the fact , that there are always new things to learn and opportunities to grow.

Lihua Guo and Long Ji

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