Reduce CO2 Emissions Through SmartProteins®


In the past, consumers trying plant-based protein dishes were not always satisfied with the texture or taste of some of the offerings. Convinced that eating less meat and animal products is beneficial to individual health and environmental well-being, flexitarians are looking to change their lifestyle.


As the movement grows among consumers worldwide, the SmartProteins® portfolio of integrated flavor solutions is designed to meet the reporting challenges of cleaner, more transparent labelling. This year, Our Company, and our affiliate Campus, invested in partnerships to support our extensive and growing range of proprietary SmartProteins® capabilities.


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Ilaria Resta
“With our customers, we are co-creating the sustainable fragrances of the future, matching consumer needs and aspirations while preserving nature, mitigating climate change and caring about people.”

Ilaria Resta

President of Perfumery Division

Acting On Climate, Water And Waste

Urgent and concerted global action is needed to address climate change. We are acting to minimize our impact on climate change and aim to lead our industry towards zero carbon emissions.

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